Skip Rock Shallows

Lilly Gray Corbett has just graduated from medical school and decided to accept an internship in the coal camp of Skip Rock, Kentucky. Her beau, Paul, is doing his residency in Boston and can’t understand why Lilly would choose to work in a backwater town. But having grown up in the mountains, Lilly is drawn to the stubborn, superstitious people she encounters in Skip Rock—a town where people live hard and die harder and where women know their place. Lilly soon learns she has a lot to overcome, but after saving the life of a young miner, she begins to earn the residents’ trust.

As Lilly becomes torn between joining Paul in Boston and her love for the people of Skip Rock, she crosses paths with a handsome miner—one who seems oddly familiar. Her attraction for him grows, even as she wrestles with her feelings and wonders what he’s hiding

13 thoughts on “Skip Rock Shallows

  1. Jan, The book sounds really great. I can’t wait to read it. Mandy told me she has it already. Do you have one to sell me now? If so, I will send you the money and postage. I am so excited that it is aleady out. We want to do a tea or something for you to come and speak and sign your books. Can’t wait to hear from you.

    • Paula,
      The books are available on I’ll be signing at the Lifeway store on Saturday. (See appearances.) I had a few author copies, but I haven’t ordered any to sell as yet. I so enjoyed meeting you and I also enjoyed reading your newspaper article.
      Be sure and let me know what you think about Skip Rock Shallows. Jan

  2. Jan Watson:
    I just finished reading Skip Rock Shallows. Once again you have written an interesting and exciting novel. Of course, it is Landis Blair who makes this book your most special one yet. Even though Landis doesn’t say or do anything, there is a dynamic tension created by the reader expecting him to say or do something that forges an edge-of-the-seat excitement that carries through the entire novel.
    Landis is such a unique and riveting creation that he certainly deserves a series of books of his own. Perhaps you could follow his life as he rises from the mines to become President of the United States. Or maybe during World War One he could be an ace fighter pilot and battle the Red Baron in the clear blue skies over Germany. Or perhaps a cave discovered on the Blair property could lead to a subterranean world where Landis could battle aliens intent on destroying Earth.
    Food for thought. Which reminds me, I forgot to get a cookie at the book signing.
    Congratulations on another great book and keep ’em coming.

    Landis Blair

  3. I just finished reading “Skip Rock Shallows” literally minutes ago… I loved it! I actually had never heard of it before, but then I entered a Tyndale House Publishers reading program and it was one of the books listed. I’m going to have to read all of the rest of them now… Well, that is, when I finish the million other books I have yet to read.

  4. I love your books.Growing up very near Troublesome creek made them even more enjoyable. I have bought several sets for my relatives
    and friends.They are all looking forward to reading Skip Rock .I am almost finished It is great thanks and keep them coming. Joyce

  5. I just finished reading this book. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this series!!! I actually came to the site to see when your next book will he coming out LOL.
    I so enjoy learning more about Copper’s family.
    Thank you for the many hours of enjoyment!

  6. Oh my goodness I am so hooked on your books! I just read the first three! I have the next two in my possession but not the third one yet. Will definitely
    request it from the library ASAP! I just love all the characters, but Remi is my favorite so far! I live in Eastview KY. about a couple hours away from Lexington. If you ever do a book signing in Elizabethtown Ky please let me know! So looking forward to future books! It is nice to know there are Christian authors out there! Thank you so much for sharing your talent and may God richly Bless you and yours!
    Love in Christ,
    Madeline M. Grimes

  7. You are the best author hands down! I have been reading christian fiction for over 15 years & your books are the greatest. Each book contains so much depth into each character & story…. I felt I had really gotten my moneys worth, many times over. Thank you for writing…you are blessed by God.

  8. Mrs. Watson,

    I am writing in hopes that you might be able to fulfill a request. My neighbor, Peggy used to work with you at West Lake Hospital in Columbia. She has your first 5 books, but is unaware that you have written Skip Rock Shallows. I was wondering if it would be possible to purchase a copy from you with a autographed note written to Peggy. I think this would make a fantastic Christmas gift to a wonderful neighbor and friend.

    If you could possibly send a message to my e-mail address, with your address, I will send you the the purchase price of the book and the postage. I could even meet you somewhere in Lexington or Danville if that would be better.

    Thank you so very much for any help you can give to me.


  9. I feel like I am your Number One fan. I have purchased and read all of your books and am looking forward to your newest one. I have never contacted another author but felt impelled to contact you because I enjoy your books so much. I now have a Kindle, so I gave all of my paperback books away. I am now going to purchase all of your books I have already read for my Kindle so that I will always have them. Thanks for the joy your books bring me,

  10. I just finished reading “skip rock shallows” and i loved it! You are a great writer, i just love all of your novels. Please keep them coming, i can’t wait to read the next one.

  11. Jan, I just finished reading Skip Rock Shallows and loved your book. I read about you in Kentucky Living. I purchased the book because my family grew up in Kentucky. I visited the restored mining community in Sterns, KY years ago with my children. I’m a non reader and surprisingly I could not put this book down. I came home today from the pool and immediately got on your website. I’m so excited to see there is a new book about Lilly. Hopefully after I finish it, I can start at the beginning of your series. I cried in the end at the wedding. Thanks for being an author that places Christian practices into their writing. I’ve told many about your book.

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