It’s a beautiful fall morning in Kentucky although the leaves have not yet turned from green to russet, gold, and red. I add a tat of bleach to the soapy water in the sink before washing the cat’s dishes. The kittens are now five weeks old and still cute as buttons. All but one, the girl I’m calling Little Sister, are eating tiny amounts of kitten kibble mixed with Natural Choice moist kitten pate. Willie and Puff Daddy (so named because Willie has marks like a W on his head and Puff Daddy has Persian looks—he’s the only long-haired kitten—eat the most. Duffy—a beautiful solid gray with round blue eyes—is the most gentle. He likes sitting on laps. Dude is white with gray spots and has a mark on his chin that looks like a tiny goatee.

Last week I started their litter training. At first the kittens just played in their private sand box before clever Willie showed them what the box was really for. I was relieved—no pun intended.

This morning, I brought Willie upstairs to treat his eyes—he has a slight drainage. It’s the first time my Maggie has met one of the kittens. She was sweet about it. Little Willie who had been protesting loudly as I wiped his eyes with wet cotton balls, froze in place when I put him on the floor. He was happy to get back downstairs with his brothers and sister.

Big Sister has been a wonderful mother to her kittens. She has been taking short breaks in the garage—I know she misses being outside, but I don’t dare let her out. Once the kittens are weaned and she is “fixed,” she can be an outdoor/indoor cat. It’s good to know she’ll be as safe and loved. Dottie has already bought her a collar so folks will know Sister has a home. Did you know there are break-away collars for cats so they won’t get trapped? I didn’t.

I’ll have the kittens for a few more weeks before they are old enough for adoption. It will be hard to give them up, but I know they will soon become cats and they won’t want to live in my basement. Please pray that Willie, Dude, Puff Daddy, Duffy, and Little Sister will find loving and safe homes.

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